Web Development

Branding Website

To build a strong brand reputation and leave a lasting impression on your customers, it is essential that your website speaks your brand name and values and be fitted with a unique look and feel.

RKR BD creates branding websites that have a strong emphasis on design, navigation style and interactivity, to captivate and engage your customers. Besides ensuring your website is attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, we’ll boost the interactivity of your website by making use of HTML and Javascript, and extend the manageability and capability of your website with a powerful, dynamic Content Management System (CMS).

How can RKR BD help you to stand out?

Our designers, as graduates of Art schools, have extensive expertise in graphic design that enables them to consistently produce attractive, creative designs, which are unique to you and your business. Before embarking on a creative brainstorming process, our team works closely with you to understand the value propositions of your business as well as your market positioning goals. Here is an overview of our project management process:

Scoping your requirements

• In the initial phase, we find out more about your business, your primary target audience, and your key value propositions
• We discuss the requirements and features you will need to include in your website

Designing the website

• At this stage, we come up with the creative concept and theme of the site. When the final concept is selected, we flow it down to the individual web pages.

Programming the structure

• Our programmers get cracking on your website, which includes a user-friendly content management system.

Training & Support

• Once the programming is completed, we’ll invite you to a training session where you will learn how to manage the site, such as how to edit the contents, track traffic and manage enquiries, etc.


Customers today are increasingly tech-savvy, and besides their desktops or laptops, it’s not uncommon for them to browse sites on their mobile smartphones and tablets as well. This creates an important issue – how can you optimize viewing on all screen sizes, so that viewers can browse your website comfortably regardless of the device they are using?

The answer is to adopt a responsive web design. Simply put, a responsive design is a “one-size-fits-all” website. It offers high clarity and easy readability on all devices, enhancing the user experience for your customers, on any device.

Why is a responsive web design important?

Besides the benefits that this technology presents to your customers, it also makes the website maintenance and operations processes smoother. It is not necessary to create different websites to cater to different screen sizes. This means that any content updates or maintenance need to be performed only once.

Responsive web design makes a lot of difference to your digital marketing campaign. Since there is just one domain related to your business, all your traffic is diverted to one portal. As a result, you experience higher traffic and since user experience is better, you also enjoy better conversion rate.



The only constant in the world is Change. Don’t leave your website behind.

In today’s highly connected world, many business decisions rely heavily on the internet and the perception one gets from visiting a potential vendor’s website.Old photos, incorrect or out-dated contents or contact information, is likely to turn potential enquiries away. Many business owners know this, but yet are unable to find time to update their websites. With a Website Maintenance package from RKR BD, you can send in your changes and have things sorted out quickly and professionally, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

How can RKR BD help you with Web Maintenance?

We understand the difficulties of finding good technical support for Web Maintenance, which is why we are here to offer our expertise.We have various Web Maintenance Packages to cater to various requirements.

Here is a list of services which we provide under Web Maintenance:

  • Adding / Editing of Text

  • Adding of New Pages (same layout)

  • Adding / Deleting / Fixing links

  • Adding / Deleting / Changing Meta Tags

  • Updating Contact Information, including Google Map

  • Creating of XML sitemap

  • Submission of website to Search Engine

  • Generating & Embedding Google Analytics

  • Adding / Deleting email accounts

  • Site recovery for website hacking / malware scripts

  • Full site backup after major contents are added

  • cPanel, Admin password modification for security enhancement